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Zion’s Music Festival and St-George ATV


Our Trip to Southern Utah

I am a huge fan of Utah and I was very excited when I discovered the Zion’s Canyon Music Festival! Sometimes I like to get away from the rocker scene and appreciate lesser known bands and see the rising talent in the music scene. Music festivals are the perfect place to find unique talent because festivals usually 10-15 bands playing their best songs over a 2 or 3 day period.

As I was planning my trip to Southern Utah, I wanted to stay longer than a few days and find something where I can get my adrenaline fix. I did a quick google search about extreme sports or extreme activities to do in the area. I was expecting something like rock climbing or sky diving but I was drawn to ATV rentals! St George is near the festival and their is a unique national park there called Sand hollow. Sand Hollow has rolling sand dunes and you can rent a powerful side-by-side and buzz around in the sand! This article is going to be about my experience at the Music Festival. I also want to write about my ATV ride!

Zion’s Canyon Music Festival

Zion Canyon Music Festival is an annual event that takes place in Zion National Park, Utah. The music festival was founded in 2006 by Michael Roush and Scott Anderson. The two had previously worked together on organizing music festivals in other parts of the country. The festival features a variety of musical genres and artists from across the United States. Past festivals have featured headlining acts such as The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Legend. The festival is also known for its diverse range of food and drink options, as well as its scenic location. 

The Zion Canyon Music Festival is the perfect event for music lovers of all ages. With two stages and a variety of food and drink options, there’s something for everyone at this family-friendly festival. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your experience.


The Bands

The Zion Canyon Music Festival is held every year in the stunning Zion National Park in Southern Utah. This year’s lineup includes Fishbone, Afrolicious, Dirty Revival, The Soul Juice Band, The Sweet Lillies, Lyndy Butler, DJ Lex, Whitney Lusk, and Drew & Lacey. Here are few that I really liked! Be sure to check them out. 


Fishbone was founded in 1979 and quickly cemented their place at the table with their self-titled album from 1983, which featured fan favorites like “Party at Ground Zero” and “Ugly,” and then their groundbreaking, critically acclaimed full-length “Truth and Soul” album from 1988, which featured the track “Freddie’s Dead,” the band’s first big MTV hit.

Fishbone is on a mission to recover its proper place among the rock-n-roll elite, with the legendary early 1980s lineup now firmly in place. Fishbone made a massive comeback in 2018 and has been touring all over the world since then.


In a nutshell, the Afrolicious live experience is a joyful and riotous celebration of life. The Afrolicious sound blends inspirational lyrics, funky bass lines, and a powerful horn section with the soul and feel of classic funk, disco, Latin, and Afrobeat music. Afrolicious is the right conduit for audiences who want to dance, be inspired, or celebrate life.

Dirty Revival

Dirty Revival, a seven piece Soul/Rock band hailing for Portland, OR, is quickly gaining notoriety for their inspired songwriting and impressive live performances and has been electrifying stages across the US since 2013.

Dirty Revival’s democratic approach to music shows in their songwriting, their original music effortlessly incorporating several different genres of music. At times showcasing their unique take on the soul and funk sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, then, straddling the line between rock band and pop band.

Sweet Lillies’

The Sweet Lillies’ catchy, high-energy songs have swiftly won over admirers in Colorado and beyond. The band, which was formed in November 2013, attributes its success to the innovative and captivating songwriting of three women who share an uncompromising devotion to touring. Julie Gussaroff on upright bass, Becca Bisque on viola, and Melly Frances on drums and lead vocals, in addition to powerful three-part female harmonies and a cast of intriguing instrumentalists, give this band a unique and seductive sound.

Renting ATVs After The Festival

Zion’s Canyon Music Festival was an amazing experience! I immersed myself in the different genres of music and meet some really great friends while I was there.  If you are planning to go to this event, then I have a few tips. Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen! This was an outdoor event and the weather can get hot. I wish I had brought my own water. Beer and other drinks are available at the event but I found myself wanting a cold bottle of water!

My last tip is to bring plenty of sunscreen! The first night, in my hotel room I saw in the mirror how red I got from the brutal sun rays. I love the outdoor and swimming and I hate when I ruin my vacations by getting bad sunburns. I had a hard time buying the right sunscreen, but luckily I eventually found what I need by doing some searching! I wish I had remembered to bring my own!

Renting ATVs After The Festival

As I mentioned earlier, I had a few more days to stay in Utah to complete my vacation. I wanted to find something exciting to do. Utah is well known for it’s unique outdoor landscapes and I wanted something that was unique and not the average tourist attraction like amusement parks or boring history tours. First, I was looking into things like rock climbing or sky diving but I gravitated to ATV riding. 

This is when I discovered I called a number of companies but these guys got back to me faster than anyone else. They also had the best pricing when it came to side-by-side rentals. They informed me over the phone that their most popular rental machines are UTVs or side-by-sides. These machines are are different from ATVs or “4-wheelers” because they are enclosed with a roll cage. The are safer, easier to drive, and even go faster! 

The guys at StGeorge ATV Rentals also suited me up with the right gear I needed. They hooked me up with a helmet and goggles for the dust. . . They even had sunscreen!

The coolest thing was that they had my rental right there at the Sand Hollow Park. I literally, parked my car at their place, filled out paper work, suited up, and took off to the sand dunes within 15 minutes! This was a huge deal for me. Other companies were at different locations. They wanted me to load up the rental on a trailer and tow it the park. This made it really complicated because my car rental was a sedan. I didn’t want to rent a more expensive truck or SUV so I could just tow my ATV rental. 


This trip was one of the best vacations of my life. I got my “unknown band” fix and I got to spin sand in side-by-side! If you ever attend a concert or music festival, make sure to take the time to plan something to do before or after! I recommend finding something that you have never done before. Skip the amusement parks or tourist traps and find something awsome!