On January 20, 1980, in the Welsh city of Bridgend, Matthew Tuck was born - the illustrious leader of perhaps the most popular metalcore band of the first decade of…

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Overview of Heavy Music Styles (part 3)
Folk Metal - metallers used elements of folk music in the 70s. Irish folk tunes were featured in the songs Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. The latter generally recorded a…

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Overview of Heavy Music Styles (part 1)
Grindcore (Grindcore) - the hardest musical (?!) Direction of all ever created by mankind. The first grind album was released by perverts from Napalm Death (England), mixing in their music…

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Change is an integral part of this world. The British band Placebo was no exception. Almost 20 years ago the band has undergone a number of different changes: new drummers, a variety of haircuts from frontman Brian Molko, movement from sandy grunge to stadium rock and much more.

On September 16, 2013, Placebo released their new (and seventh) album, Loud Like Love. And specifically for this event, we decided to make a list of the ten best songs by Placebo!

Every you every me

Album: Without You I’m Nothing (1998)

One of Placebo’s most famous songs. She gained her popularity after getting into the soundtrack to the movie “Cruel Intentions”. The single was also featured in the video games F1 2000 and Guitar Rock Tour 2.

Song to say goodbye

Album: Meds (2006)

Rumor has it that Brian Molko wrote this song as a short autobiography after traveling to India in an attempt to improve his own lifestyle. If there were rewards for the most angry and vicious tracks – Song To Say Goodbye would have won the gold medal.


Album: Meds (2006)

The recording of the song Meds was attended by Alison Mosshart of The Kills. Following the release of the single in October 2006, Meds entered the list of the most popular tracks played on American alternative radio stations.

Nancy boy

Album: Placebo (1996)

This song represents Placebo’s early work. Sex, drugs, rock and roll – everything is fully present. It was Nancy Boy from the debut album that gave impetus to the star trek of the musicians.

Black eyed

Album: Black Market Music (2000)

This track was featured in the German film Engel & Joe, pieces of which also hit the official video for the song Black-Eyed. “I always have black eyes – I am the product of a dysfunctional family,” Brian Molko sings to the sounds of dark guitar rock.
English summer rain

Album: Sleeping With Ghosts (2003)


English Summer Rain reached number 23 on the UK singles chart. Also, this track was included in the list of the hottest songs of 2004 according to the Australian radio station Triple J.

My sweet prince

Album: Without You I’m Nothing (1998)

Heroin romance with a sad ending. Molko’s vocals are subtly intertwined with beautiful raw emotions. And if you have not seen the band Placebo playing this track live – you are welcome on YouTube. This is unbelievable!

Battle for the sun

Album: Battle For The Sun (2009)

The album Battle For The Sun has become a completely new stage in the work of musicians. Producer David Bottrill decided to weight the sound of Placebo compared to previous work by Meds. Songs (including the title one) began to be given to My Bloody Valentine and PJ Harvey.

The bitter end

Album: Sleeping With Ghosts (2003)

Critics dubbed The Bitter End “good pop music.” After the release of the single, a new generation of indie teens began to show their love for Placebo. Indeed, this track is charged with frantic energy. With what they did not compare this stinging melody: with The Smiths, The Cure and even U2.

Loud like love

Album: Loud Like Love (2013)

The title track of the new album directly shines with its optimistic mood. If the entire record is recorded in this vein, success is guaranteed! Although who doubted this?

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