October 23, 1964 was born Robert Trujillo, an ex-member of Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne and the current bassist of Metallica. On the birthday of Robert…

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Glam rock (Eng. Glam rock, from glamorous - “spectacular”) is a genre of rock music that originated in the UK in the early 1970s. and became one of the dominant…

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Overview of Heavy Music Styles (part 2)
Progressive Metal is the most intelligent metal genre, a direct descendant of Art Rock. "Progressors" went even further in terms of "inaudibility", which entailed the commercial failure of the style.…

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Hayley Nichole Williams (born Hayley Nichole Williams; born December 27, 1988, Meridian, Mississippi) is the vocalist of the American rock band Paramore.


At the age of 13, she moved from her hometown of Meridian with her family to Franklin, Tennessee due to problems at school. In her new school, she met her brothers Josh and Zach Farro (later a solo guitarist and drummer Paramore). Back in school, she tried to get into the funky cover band The Factory, where he played Jeremy Davis (later, Paramore bass player).

In 2003, she was spotted by producers David Streanbrink and Richard Williams, subsequently Richard introduced her to Atlantic Records A&R producers Jimi Zuwalt and Kent Markus, who offered her a solo contract, which she refused, saying that she wanted to be part of the rock groups. Atlantic Records decided to meet her, after which Paramore begins to form with his brothers Josh and Zach Farro, as well as with Jeremy Davis.

Paramore was supposed to play under the Atlantic Records label, but the marketing department decided it would be better to switch to the Fueled by Ramen label, which specializes in rock for the band’s image.

In 2007, Williams appears in the video “Kiss me” of the rock band New Found Glory. Also in 2007 in a Kerrang! Williams took second place in the category “Sexiest Woman” in 2007, losing only to Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee, a year later she won this poll, and then in 2009.

Williams recorded the song “Teenagers,” for the soundtrack for the film “Jennifer’s Body,” after the release of “Teenagers,” Williams said she was not going to begin a solo career.

In 2010, Williams appeared in the song “Airplanes” and in “Airplanes (Part II)” by rapper BoB from his debut studio album BoB Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, the track “Airplanes” had an unprecedented commercial success, during the first week after 138,000 digital copies were sold, which allowed the song to debut at number 5 on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart. In Billboard Hot 100, the song immediately hit the 12th position. The highest achievement of the song was 2nd place in the Hot 100.

Facts About Hayley Williams

Haley became the prototype for the game character. The heroine, for the creation of which her character was taken, can be seen in the computer game Guitar Hero.
She has nine tattoos: a razor and the signature “shave me” on her right ankle, a thundercloud and rain behind her ear with the signature “warped!” (In memory of the concert tour), a heart on her left hand (a friendly tattoo, she has the same tattoo girlfriends), a cross on the right thigh, flowers on the left side of the abdomen, vertical black stripes on the left hand (as a sign of Paramore’s unity, Jeremy and Taylor have the same ones) and the inscription “ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE, ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE” (Keep positive, ignore negative).
Haley’s parents are divorced.
He often takes a carrot microphone with him to concerts.
Hayley Williams had a septum – a nasal septum piercing.
Due to the gap between the two front teeth, the nickname “sponge Bob” has stuck to it.
Haley is in a relationship with Chad, a member of New Found Glory.
Williams is short – only 155 cm.
She used to be afraid to perform on stage.
Haley is a dedicated fan of N’Sync.
Belongs to the stregetgers.
One of Hayley Williams’ favorite shows is The Walking Dead.

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