The procession of rock (part 4)
The band "Iron Maiden", one of the giants of heavy metal, it was she who made heavy metal a popular movement among young people. The group was formed in 1977…

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The Story of One Song: Don’t Drag Me Down - Social Distortion
The only political song “I'm an activist, a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and an anti-racist, but the only political song I have ever written is Don’t Drag…

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There is one guitar riff that I can easily play at any time, even if I am woken up abruptly in the middle of the night, because we played this…

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In this article we will tell about the history of the occurrence, the number of tattoos of rock musicians, such as: Andy Birsak, Billy Joe Armstrong, Chester Bennington, Frank Iero, Jared Leto, Jacoby Shaddix, Dan Reynolds, Pete Wentz, Avril Lavigne. After all, a tattoo is a life story embodied in a drawing! Sometimes, even the musicians themselves do not know how many tattoos they already have. It even happens that over time, many tattoos turn into one continuous drawing – more on that below.

Andy birsack
Andy is already almost completely covered in tattoos. And it doesn’t bother about the aesthetics of the tattoos, the main thing is that each of them has its own small story. He has a dozen of his favorite tattoos: for example, the BVB logo and the legendary Misfits and the first picture in honor of the beloved girl then. Four tattoos dedicated to Batman: Andy has a weakness for this hero since childhood. He also associates comics with his family. Here is the image of Azrael, the angel of revenge from the cartoon about Batman, is dedicated to his father, who, by the way, has almost the same tattoo. (In one episode, Azrael broke Batman’s back. Andy’s father, a musician, played in different bands until he injured his back.)

Billy Joe
Billie Joe Armstrong
Billy Joe has two full “sleeves”. In addition to comic stories, like a baby smoking a cigarette or clowns, there are serious tattoos: images of Adriana’s wife and the names of sons. (By the way, the portrait of his wife, stylized as a card from a photo machine is his favorite tattoo.) The musician filled his very first tattoo at the age of 18: this is a picture from the cover of the debut album GD. Parents were not opposed: after all, his father, brother and sister also have tattoos.

Chester Bennington
Chester himself does not know how many drawings he has on his body. And in one interview he said that the most accurate definition is “a lot.” He is an ardent fan of body painting. Most of all he appreciates the traditional Japanese style: carp and other fish, dragons. An interesting story is the appearance of the inscription “Linkin Park” on his back. Following the release of Hybrid Theory’s debut album, Chester argued with a friend that the disc would go platinum in the United States. If the artist won, a friend had to pay him a tattoo … The musician is also a co-owner of the Club Tattoo chain of salons

Frank Iero
Frank has more than 20 tattoos and on different parts of the body. They are dedicated to his wife, grandparents, the native state of New Jersey and … business. In 2005, he stuffed the Skeleton Crew company logo behind his left ear, which he founded in the same year as a couple with his wife (then just a girlfriend). With the advent of children, business, in fact, came to naught. Although “Skeleton Crew” is still showing some activity in social networks.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto
Jared has 7 tattoos on his body. Almost all are dedicated to 30STM and carry a deep meaning that is not always clear to those who are not in the subject. For example, the intertwined glyphs on the right wrist indicate the name of the group. And the upward pointing arrows on the legs are connected in meaning with the Latin inscription “Provehito in Altum” on the collarbone. This is the slogan 30STM, calling for “striving in depth.”

Jacoby Shaddicks
Frontman Papa Roach is a longtime tattoo fan. And tattoos make sense. For example, the inscription “What does not kill me makes it stronger” or “Stronger than a tomb nail”. One of the musician’s strangest tattoos is a gravestone on his right shoulder with the inscription “Jacoby Dakota Shaddix rests here. Born. having nothing, dead, having everything. ” He also has tattoos on a professional theme: a microphone (the very first tattoo) and the inscription “Born for rock.”

Dan reynolds
The Initiates claim to have once seen Dan have a temporary henna tattoo. Now he doesn’t have any tattoos at all!

Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz
Like many “bad guys”, the tattoos on Pete’s body eventually merged into one continuous drawing, it is already impossible to count them individually. At the first tattoo (at age 15) he was inspired by the cover of Guns N’Roses’ debut album, Appetite For Destruction, which shows the band’s logo. With particular warmth, Pete talks about two other tattoos: a portrait of a child with thick eyebrows (in Japan this is a personification of good luck for boys) and a keyhole on his hand full when the FOB sold their first million albums.

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