Definition of Rock Music (part 2)
AT THE SOURCES OF ROCK Rock is not just a musical direction, it is a youth culture, a means of youth communication, a mirror of society. You don’t need to…

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Did you know that once John Lennon pulled a condom on a microphone? Or that Noelle Gallagher took to the stage of the Reading festival in a cow costume? And…

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According to British experts, a person’s musical preferences may indicate his predisposition to sex. After conducting a survey among the listeners of one of the radio stations, the experts of…

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Brian Hugh Warner, better known under the pseudonym Marilyn Manson (born January 5, 1969, Canton, Ohio, USA) is an American rock singer, songwriter, artist and former music journalist. , founder and permanent leader of the rock band Marilyn Manson. His stage name is formed from the addition of the names of two American iconic figures of the 1960s, namely actress Marilyn Monroe and convicted of several murders of Charles Manson.

He was the only child in the family of German-born furniture merchant Hugh Warner and nurse Barbara Warner. In the autobiography of The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, Manson described in detail the grandfather’s sexual fetishes, which greatly influenced his worldview. Continue reading


Time – early 90s, scene – Helsinki, Finland. Hanging out with friends in the bars, Bazi, who was playing the drum kit at the time in the beginner group, met Yuri. As it turned out, their musical tastes coincided and the next group they collect together. It so happened that Bazi began to play the guitar, and Yurki – to sing. Since then, the responsibilities for creating new songs have been distributed in the same way: Yuki composes words, and Bazi composes music. Timo Timo became the rhythm guitarist of the young band. The search for the bass player dragged on for a while. But after Bazi, again in one of the bars, met Archie, this problem disappeared – Archie came to the rehearsal and immediately gets into the stream. The last to join the group was the drummer Jussi69. So a new legend was born – The 69 Eyes. Continue reading


Nightwish is a Finnish metal band performing songs primarily in English. It was founded by Tuomas Holopainen in 1996 in the city of Kitee. The early work of Nightwish was distinguished by a combination of the female opera vocals of the former vocalist Tarja Turunen, a keyboard and symphonic arrangement and a heavy guitar base of power metal. This style is most often defined as power metal and symphonic metal.

I still remember how I once bought the first Nightwish album, Angels Fall First, on a cassette. It was a rainy October day, but as soon as I finished listening to the recording, two rainbows appeared in the sky. I had never before seen a rainbow in the fall, especially two at once. Continue reading

25 interesting facts about the life of Viktor Tsoi

Viktor Robertovich Tsoi (June 21, 1962, Leningrad – August 15, 1990, near the village of Kesterciems, Latvian SSR) – Soviet rock musician, songwriter and artist. The founder and leader of the rock band “Cinema”, in which he sang, played the guitar, wrote music and poetry. He starred in several films.

Victor Tsoi is a legendary figure in Russian rock. June 21, he could celebrate his next birthday, but fate decreed otherwise. Nevertheless, we offer you a selection of interesting facts about the musician: you undoubtedly know something, forgot something, you will be interested to know something else … So turn on the Cinema and enjoy. Continue reading


James Alan Hetfield Since 2011, it has been 87th in the list of the greatest guitarists of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The Christianity of his family and religiosity is often referred to as the root of James – the lyrics of the “tortured soul” in his poems and texts. He began to play music at the age of 9 with piano lessons, then tapped on the drums of his brother David and, finally, switched to the guitar.

15 interesting facts

Hatfield also has a balalaika in his collection, which was specially made for him.
As a child, James Hetfield had a rather difficult family situation – his father left the family when he was 13, and his mother died when James was only 16. Continue reading

The procession of rock (part 2)
In the early 70's there was a crisis of the rock scene. Rock turned into a shop in the shop of exotic goods with a showcase in the whole wall.…


Freddie Mercury “Seven Seas of Rhye”, “Killer Queen”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Somebody to Love”, “We Are the Champions”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and others. Also the musician was engaged in…


The procession of rock (part 1)
By the beginning of the 60s, the next generation was approaching adulthood. Parents of these children actively fought for peace, tranquility and abundance. Parents, however, entered it with a load…


The procession of rock (part 1)
By the beginning of the 60s, the next generation was approaching adulthood. Parents of these children actively fought for peace, tranquility and abundance. Parents, however, entered it with a load…